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Where is Madeira Islands

Madeira Islands are located in the midle of Atlantic Ocean..

For being a small and “lost” island in the middle of the great Atlantic Ocean, the island of Madeira, is still unknown to some people. The Madeira Island is the principal island in the archipelago of Madeira which consists of the Madeira Island, Porto Santo Island, Desertas Island and the Selvagem Island.

  • 500km from Africa
  • 1000km from Lisbon – flight: 1.5 hours;
  • Atlantic Ocean
  • Area: 741km2 – 57km x 22km
  • Highest point – Pico Ruivo 1861m
  • Origin – Volcanic
  • Population – around 255 000
  • Population Density – 337 / km2
  • Capital – Funchal
  • Climate – Temperate
  • Average temperatures
  • Air– Winter: 16 ºC; Summer: 21 ºC
  • Sea – Winter: 18 ºC; Summer: 22 ºC

Madeira Island Location

Madeira Island


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