Traditional Drinks in Madeira Island

Traditional Drinks in Madeira Island

The Archipelago of Madeira is well-known for its stunning sceneries, for its mild climate all year round, fantastic and breathtaking views, for its delicious gastronomy, and of course, the typical drinks. Madeira and Porto Santo Islands have a wide variety of drinks. These typical drinks can be found in many places, namely in "vendas" (typical Madeiran taverns), bars and restaurants. Besides, these drinks can also be found in the "arraiais", typical religious festivals in Madeira Island. The most famous drinks are the Madeira Wine, "Poncha", "Pé de Cabra", "Nikita" and "Cidra". Poncha is an alcoholic drink made of sugar cane spirit, sugar cane honey and fresh lemon juice. This delicious drink is very common in bars located in Câmara de Lobos. Thus, it can be consumed hot or cold. There are various types of Poncha, namely "Poncha à Pescador", "Poncha de Maracujá", "Poncha de Tangerina", Poncha Regional" and many others. Nikita is another drink, also very popular among locals and tourists who visit the island. This is a refreshing drink and is made of beer, vanilla ice cream, slices of pineapple and sugar. This drink popularized in Câmara de Lobos city, in the "Sunny Bar", in 1986. Since then, I is one of the most appreciated drinks on the island. Another famous drink is "Pé de Cabra". It is considered an energetic drink and is typical of Winter time. It is a mixture of dry wine with dark beer, lemon peel, sugar and powdered chocolate. For summer season, one of the best option is the "cidra" (cider). Cider is a beverage with low non alcohol content and is made with apple juice smashed into the wooden floor. Besides, its fermentation takes place in wooden casks. Madeira Wine is one of the most famous and appreciated drinks in the Archipelago of Madeira. Madeira Wine has cultivars which are divided into several categories. There are the noble wines and the table grape for eating. However, the most common and appreciated ones are the 5 Noble cultivars, namely the Malvasia, Sercial, Boal, Verdelho and the Tinta Negra Mole. There is also another important cultivar today which is the Terrantez. The table wines, which are produced from other varieties, are the Jacquez, Americano and Tinto. Today, Madeira Wine is known all over the world. Don't miss a chance of savouring a glass of this unique wine.

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