Madeira Carnival

Madeira Carnival

Madeira Carnival is one of the best in Europe, due to its beauty, endless fun and entertainment.

Madeira Island is proud to exhibit two Carnival Parades, namely the Great Allegoric Parade “Cortejo Alegórico” and the Fun Parade “Cortejo Trapalhão”.

The Great Allegoric Parade takes place on Saturday evening, 4th March, in the main streets of Funchal. This Parade hosts hundreds of locals and tourists each year to the amphitheatre of Funchal. As such, there are many groups of hundreds of participants exhibiting magnificent costumes in a great joy and happiness.

The final parade, “The Fun Parade” takes place on Tuesday afternoon. This parade is well-known for its humor and social satire. This is one of the funniest parades in Madeira Island and thus, anyone can take part and dress up with costumes of their own creation.

This is an amazing opportunity to visit Madeira and Porto Santo Islands. Don’t miss the chance of watching one of the biggest events of Madeira Island – Madeira Carnival.

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Come and experience the best of the Archipelago of Madeira.

 4th March - Madeira Carnival - Great Allegoric Parade (Saturday of the Carnival weekend)
8th March - Fun Parade (‘Mardi Gras’ - Tuesday ending the Carnival period)
Festa dos Compadres (Santana)

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