Peaks and View Points in Madeira Island

Peaks and View Points in Madeira Island

In the Archipelago of Madeira only Madeira and Porto Santo Islands are inhabitated. Madeira Island Madeira Island is located 540 km from the African coast and only 1,000 km from the European Continent. Due to its privileged geographical position and also its mountainous relief, the archipelago has a surprisingly mild climate all year round, and luxuriant vegetation. Take the opportunity to explore the charms and delights of Madeira Island. There are many peaks and viewing points all over the island, which will take your breath away. These places offer you majestic scenery and breathtaking views. The most well-known viewing points in Madeira Island are: Fortim do Faial Viewing Point, Cabanas Viewing Point, Encumeada Viewing Point, “Véu da Noiva” Viewing Point, Fonte do Bispo Viewing Point, Farol da Ponta do Pargo Viewing Point, Portela Viewing Point, Cabo Girão Viewing Point, Cristo Rei Viewing Point, Eira do Serrado Viewing Point, Fajã dos Padres Viewing Point, Pico da Torre Viewing Point, Pico Ruivo Viewing Point and Pico do Areeiro Viewing Point. Pico Ruivo is the highest peak in Madeira Island, and can only be reached by foot. This peak is 1862 meters high and provides locals and tourists with astonishing views of the island. The third highest peak in Madeira Island is Pico do Areeiro, with 1818 meters high. This one can be reached by foot and by car. Actually, there is an easy road access to the top, with a car park, a restaurant and a souvenir shop. Beside viewing points, there are also other places which attract lots of tourists to Madeira Island, namely the islets. The most important islets are Ilhéu de Agostinho, Ilhéu de São Lourenço, Ilhéu Mole and Negro, Ilhéu da Pontinha, Ilhéu de Fora, Ilhéu do Gorgulho, Ilhéu da Lapa, Ilhéus Preto and Vermelho and Ilhéu da Viúva (Rocha do Navio Nature Reserve). Porto Santo Island Porto Santo Island, also known as The Golden Island, is one of the ideal holiday destinations for you. Porto Santo is well-known for its magnificent 9km sandy beach with tranquil waters, its mild climate and beautiful landscapes. Porto Santo beach is also known for its rare therapeutic properties. You should not miss the opportunity of walking along the paths and trails, as well as its peaks, viewing points and islets, spread all over the island. There are many peaks, viewing points and islets, worth of visiting. These are the Ilhéu de Baixo or Ilhéu da Cal, Ilhéu de Ferro, Ilhéu de Fora, Ilhéu de Cima and Ilhéu das Cenouras. The viewing points will provide you with amazing and breathtaking views of the island. Visit the Ana Ferreira Viewing Point, Portela Viewing Point, Pico do Castelo Viewing Point, Juliana Viewing Point, Gandaia Viewing Point, Flores Viewing Point and Fonte de Areia Viewing Point. Also visit the various peaks, namely Pico do Facho, Pico Castelo, Pico de Ana Ferreira, Pico da Gandeia and Pico Branco.

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