Festivities and Events in Madeira Island

Festivities and Events in Madeira Island

The Archipelago of Madeira is well-known for its stunning scenery, breathtaking views, luxurious mountains, beautiful Nature and mild climate. Besides, Madeira and Porto Santo Islands are also known for its hospitable people, and thus, its culture, traditions and costumes. Throughout the year, there are many events and festivities which you shouldn´t miss. These are popular, cultural and religious events. The most important ones are Madeira Walking Festival (January), Madeira Orienting Festival (late January), Carnival (February), the Flower Festival, Festas da Sé, St. John’s Altars, Madeira World Classic Rally, Atlantic Firework Festival, Funchal Jazz Festival, Machico Gastronomy, Madeira Wine Rally, Monte Festival, Columbus Festival, Ships Race and Regatta, and Christmas and New Year celebrations. Religious Festivities also known as “Arraiais” are typical Madeiran festivities. All year round there are many “arraiais”, both in Madeira and Porto Santo Islands. They attract thousands of locals and tourists to joy in this beautiful event. There are folklore dancing groups, live concerts, food and beverage and great entertainment. During theses festivities, you must try the typical Madeiran gastronomy. The most appreciated specialties are the “espetada” (beef grilled on a spit of laurel), the “carne de vilho e alhos” (pork spiced with wine and garlic) and the famous “bolo do caco” (typical bread made of wheat flour). Besides, there are also a wide range of drinks to choose from, namely dry wine, “poncha” (made of sugar cane honey, sugar cane rum and lemon juice) and “nikita” (made of white wine, vanilla ice cream, pineapple and sugar). When visiting Madeira Island, stay in Madeira Rural accommodations. There are plenty of rural accommodations for you, namely country houses, cottages, bed and breakfast, holiday homes and villas. Don´t miss the opportunity to enjoy these events and festivities in the Archipelago of Madeira. You will love it.

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