Madeira Embroidery

Madeira Embroidery

One of the most important industries in the Archipelago of Madeira is Madeira Embroidery. Nowadays, Madeira Island is world known for this industry. The Madeira Wine, Embroidery and Handicrafts Institute (IVBAM), was created due to a fusion between the Madeira Wine Institute (IVM) and the Madeira Embroidery, Tapestries and Handicrafts Institute (IBTAM), in 2006. The IBTAM is an institute responsible for the certificates of quality attributed to both Madeira Embroidery and Madeira Wine. This institute is also responsible for the promotion and advertising of these regional products, namely Embroidery, Wine, Tapestry and Handicrafts. There is not a consensus regarding the appearance of Madeira Embroidery in Madeira Island, however we estimate that is has begun in the beginning of the 19th century, in 1850. The person responsible for the great impulse of the Embroidery industry in Funchal city was Miss Phelps, daughter of a British businessman. As though, Madeira Embroidery appeared for the first to the public in 1850, in Madeira Industry Exhibit. One year later, in 1851, Queen Victory invited Madeira to take part and participate at the Universal Exhibition in London. Due to its great participation, Madeira Embroidery became world re-known. The main exports during the 19th century were to Germany and England. In the 20th century, Madeira Embroidery exported to several countries all over the world, namely Italy, Australia, the United States and South Africa. These became the most important markets. However, other countries also contributed to the trading expansion of Madeira Embroidery, such as Holland, Singapore, Brazil and Italy. Nowadays, there are three largest export markets, which are the U.S.A, England and Italy. It is important to highlight that the fabrics used in Embroidery industry are linen, organdie, cotton, natural silk and synthetic fibers. They can be used in sheets, hand towels, shirts, dresses, handkerchiefs and night-shirts. When visiting Madeira, why don’t you stay in Madeira Rural accommodations? There are plenty of rural accommodations all over Madeira and Porto Santo Islands. Madeira Rural has country houses, bed and breakfast, cottages, rural holiday home and villas. Come to Madeira Island and take a souvenir with you. Madeira and Porto Santo will be pleased to welcome you! For further information on Madeira Embroidery, please access the IBTAM (Madeira Embroidery, Tapestry and Handicrafts Institute) site at

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