Sport and Leasure Activities in Madeira Island

Sport and Leasure Activities in Madeira Island

Madeira and Porto Santo Islands have many sport and leisure activities for you, during your stay on the island. Besides, the islands are well-known for its mild climate all year round, its rare Nature, majestic sceneries, spectacular landscapes and excellent gastronomy. There are several entities organizing these activities on the island, namely the “Casas do Povo” (Communicty Houses), “Câmaras Municipais” (City Council), and Cultural Associations. They play an important role in specific areas of Madeiran culture, such as dance, music, theatre, and craftwork. Besides, these entities also contribute to affirm and to promote our culture, customs and traditions to both locals and tourists. Throughout the year, these entities organize several exhibitions, fairs, traditional games sessions, concerts, workshops, and festivities. Madeira Rural accommodations are an ideal starting point for your holidays. Come to Madeira Island and stay in Madeira Rural accommodations. There are plenty of rural accommodations at your disposal. There are country houses, cottages, bed and breakfast, self-catering, rural holiday homes and villas. Madeira and Porto Santo Islands are pleased to welcome you.

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