About Madeira and Porto Santo Island's

About Madeira and Porto Santo Island's

Madeira, thanks to the harmonious combination of topography, captivating scenery and excellent climate – all year long – together with its hospitable people, draws the visitors out of their “habitat” into this wonderful rural world. The “Laurisilva” (Recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site), the famous terraces (“poios”) and the waterways “Levadas” are valuable and historic treasures.

The walks along the levadas are the motivation for an increasing tourist demand. The exuberant Porto Santo beach is without a doubt a valuable asset to the region, skillfully complementing the tourist product: MADEIRA. The Autonomous Region of Madeira started out as a prophylactic destination, for the prevention of disease. Its unique characteristics (climate, topography), together with its excellent geographic location, brought modern tourism into being here. Madeira was the crib of Modern Tourism. (Dr. J. Borges 2006). Long gone are the days of the train to Monte, the ox-drawn sledges and the use of hammocks for transportation,, but the lush green nature and the magnificent scenery still delight the visitors. In an era when the natural resources are the most valuable asset, let us hope for a better and more careful preservation of these resources, for they are the main reason why visitors come to our region. The products, the traditions, the handicrafts, the gastronomy, the people, the hospitality of the region are all ingredients of a recipe, an experience that may or may not be magnificent, but for that you will have to visit us. All the best to our people and our guests.

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