Espetada de Carne de Vaca (Beef Brochettes)

Espetada de Carne de Vaca (Beef Brochettes)




Beef cubes

Chopped and crushed garlic

Chopped bay leaves


Laurel wood skewers




Mix the garlic, bay leaves and salt.

Push the laurel skewers through the beef cubes and sprinkle with the seasoning mix (salt, garlic and bay leaves). Grill over burning coal, turning little by little until all is grilled.

It should be served still warm, with good wine from Estreito, bolo do caco (round flat loaf), salad and fried corn.


Note: despite being a typical madeiran dish, offered in many restaurants and country festivals, the truth is that it was first prepared in one of the oldest restaurants of the kind, on its former facilities (barracas de louro) at Estreito. Going to Madeira and not eating espetada at Estreito is like going to Rome and ...

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