Madeira Rural presents new website and new web tools

Madeira Rural presents new website and new web tools

Madeira Rural recently presented, its new website to the media in which the new web tools about online promotions of the association and its accommodations were associated, of which they detach the GPS coordinates of each affliated house and the affiliation program.

Not only do they have a better organization of the website and a colour scheme project, the Madeira Rural website presents a bigger dynamism becoming making the search engine more interactive for there clients in a way that they can adapt to your needs.

The affiliation program was a new web tool that Madeira Rural presented. This initiative intends on socializing more with its public using blogs, emails, etc., using the internet. The people interested in participating in this program only have to register themselves on the Madeira Rural website for free. In return you will receive a code and all of the reservations made with that very code, will give points which will then be converted into discounting on your Madeira Rural accommodation.

The media and forums deserve special attention, on behalf of Madeira Rural, where there exists exclusive promotions for all members of this virtual community and also will be having first hand access on all new features.

Keep an eye out for our new website, as we will be presenting new tools, promotions and other new features that you won’t want to miss out on.

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