Holidays in Madeira. Why?

Holidays in Madeira. Why?

Since hundreds of years ago that Madeira has continued to have thousands of tourists visit us to spend their vacation, any reason for why they come back. Why?

Madeira doesn’t just have an excellent climate throughout the whole year, magnificent fauna and flora, Madeira also has a low criminal tax rate and is also one of the destinations that offer a lot of security, also presenting our hospitality to those who visit us. Madeira´s population is loyal and hospitable and welcomes all those who come to visit on their vacation.

Most of the time when we talk about Madeira, the media shows beautiful landscapes an island full of flowers, the Santana houses, “zigzag” roads full of curves molding the many existing mounts… However Madeira Island is much more than this. It is a land of contrasts, where human activities and landscapes coexist.

The landscapes and surrounding will fascinate any one.

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