Easter Madeira Island - Traditional Games

Easter Madeira Island - Traditional Games

One of the oldest traditions of the Archipelago of Madeira in Easter season is a game entitled “Balamento”. Another game which is well-known among Madeiran people is the “Jogo do Pião” (Spinning top Game).

The “Balamento” game is played usually by two people in whom they combine a certain time of the day to meet and say the word “Balamento”. The first person finding the other one says the word and wins a point. This game is played until Good Friday.

The Spinning top game, although played all year long, is a typical game of Easter season. The aim of this game is to launch the spinning top to the floor, so it rotates and take the other spinning tops outside the circle of the game.

During your Easter holidays, come and visit Madeira and Porto Santo Islands. It will be an amazing experience.

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