Easter - Typical Gastronomy Madeira Island

Easter - Typical Gastronomy Madeira Island

In April, the Archipelago of Madeira hosts one of the most special and important religious events, which is, Easter.

Easter is a religious festivity which is celebrated all over the World, namely in Catholic countries.

Madeira and Porto Santo Islands have many delicious and traditional dishes for this special season. Locals have two different menus for this occasion.

According to the tradition, Good Friday is seen as a fast day, which means that people only have one full meal, and abstains from eating meat. Local people usually eat fish, since it was on Friday that Jesus Christ died.

The most typical fish dishes are the delicious grilled codfish, the black scabbard fish, tuna fish or the well-known and marinated tuna, accompanied by salad, potatoes, beans and yam.

Easter Sunday is celebrated as a single joyful feast. As such, people celebrate the Resurrection of Christ, with a wide variety of Madeira specialties. The most appreciated meat dishes in Madeira and Porto Santo Islands are: the famous and delicious lamb stewed with wine and cinnamon. This dish is accompanied with potatoes and vegetables. It is a typical dish of Ponta does Sol. Besides, there is also the roasted lamb, typical of Funchal.

The Archipelago of Madeira also has a magnificent and delicious pastry. If you have a sweet tooth, Madeira and Porto Santo definitely have the right sweets and deserts for you. The most famous sweets and deserts of Easter season are sugar cubes (flavored and colored); chocolate almonds; chocolate eggs; custard; the well-known “Pão-de-ló” (Sponge Cake), typical of São Vicente and Porto Santo and the “Bolo Doce” (Sweet Cake) typical of Ponta do Sol.

If you haven’t visited Madeira and Porto Santo Islands yet, this is the ideal time to do so. Come, relax and enjoy your Easter Holidays in most beautiful breathtaking island.

Take the opportunity to explore the beauty of the trails and let your imagination fly as you are walking paths in the Laurissilva Forest, along more than 1,400 km of levadas.

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