Flower Festival Madeira Island: How it began?

Flower Festival Madeira Island: How it began?

The aim of this festival is to promote and celebrate the beauty and flourishing of Madeiran flowers.

Some of the most famous ones are Magnolia, Pride of Madeira, Camelia, Lily, Poinsettia, Golden Shower and Orchids.

The Flower Festival has its origins in the late 1950’s. This festival started when someone decided to celebrate the multiplicity of Madeiran floral species, in the springtime.

As time passed by, this annual exhibition became larger in scale and thus, the idea of putting on a parade through the main streets of Funchal was born.

This festival consists of two parades, namely a Children’s parade and a main procession. The first one symbolizes hope for a better future, and the main procession represents the many colorful blooms which decorate the beautiful Madeira Island.

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