8th March - Fun Parade (Shrove Tuesday)

8th March - Fun Parade (Shrove Tuesday)

This year’s edition will be held from 4th March to 8th March, 2011, celebrating magical forests. This is one of the most important events of the Tourist Entertainment Calendar.

The Fun Parade “Cortejo Trapalhão” takes place on Shrove Tuesday, ending the Carnival period. This Fun Parade floods the main streets of Funchal with thrilling joy and entertainment.

This parade is best known for its social satire, fun daring caricatures and of course, for its humour.

Besides, anyone can partake on this parade, dressing up with costumes of their own creation. Thousands of locals and tourists fill the city centre of Funchal, in a great joy and happiness.

This parade has a defined itinerary: it starts in Funchal downtown and ends at Municipal Square (Praça do Município), with live music and great entertainment.

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