Midnight Mass in Madeira and Porto Santo Islands

Midnight Mass in Madeira and Porto Santo Islands

Christmas season is one of the most important throughout the year. People from all over the island gather in a great joy and happiness, to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Christmas is also time for beloved traditions that are honored year after year.

Celebrations in Madeira and Porto Santo Islands start in the end of November, when the colorful illuminations in Funchal city are switched on. Thousands of locals and tourists are attracted to this magnificent scenario.

One of the most important events during Christmas season is the tradition Midnight Mass or “Rooster’s Mass”. It is a traditional mass, celebrated in all churches of Madeira and Porto Santo Islands at twelve (24th December).

The “Rooster’s Mass” owes its name to the idea that a rooster was among the first, witnessing the birth of Jesus, and thus, the first one announcing it.

The Midnight Mass at Funchal’s Sé Cathedral is one of the most attended Midnight Mass in Madeira Island. It is celebrated by the Bishop of Funchal.

Churches are beautifully decorated with flowers, many of them typical of Christmas season. These are holly and lady´s slippers and poinsettias.

Besides, Nativity scenes are an important part of Midnight masses, due to the fact that they represent the birth of Jesus. Nativity scenes and traditions have been created around the world many centuries ago, and are displayed in various places during Christmas season, namely in churches, avenues, shopping malls, homes and in public buildings.

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Come to Madeira Island and let´s celebrate Christmas with us!


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