Madeira and Porto Santo Christmas Lights

Madeira and Porto Santo Christmas Lights

Late November and beginning of December, Madeira Island hosts one of the biggest events on the island, that is, Christmas and New Year´s celebrations. Christmas and New Year celebrations start in mid-November in Funchal city. The streets fill up with people in a great joy and happiness.

The magnificent Christmas celebrations attract lots of residents and tourists to Funchal city centre. In December, the streets are beautifully decorated with lights of many colors and sizes, with allusive designs of Christmas season and with many Madeiran flowers, namely Poinsettias, Lady’s Slipper Orchids, Magnolias and Camelias.

Rural areas also host thousands of people, either Madeiran people or tourists, during this season. Christmas spirit takes place all over the Archipelago of Madeira. One of the many attractions in rural areas are static Nativity Scenes and living Nativity Scenes exhibitions. Besides, there are also people singing Christmas Carols in a great joy and happiness.

On the 31st December, Madeira and Porto Santo Islands get ready for the biggest event of the year. All over the islands, there are fireworks stations, ready to be launched.

As the clock strives twelve, on the 31st December, the sky gets illuminated with thousands of fireworks, in many colors and shapes. Also during this mega spectacle, Madeiran people have a tradition of eating 12 dried fruits, namely raisins, and drinking Champaign, in order to celebrate the coming of the New Year.

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