Queimadas - Caldeirão Verde – Queimadas


Start out early with a packed lunch, waterproof boots, and make sure to pack a rain coat and torch in your rucksack.

From Queimadas to Caldeirão Verde is 6 km (3.7 miles) or an hour and a half’s walk.

The first tunnel is short and slightly curved. Soon after the second tunnel which is 200 metre long, comes a third short tunnel with a window in the middle. This third tunnel is low and its floor is often wet, so proceed with caution.

The fourth and last tunnel lies a little further away and is short. Caldeirão Verde is less than one kilometre away.

Attention: you cannot actually see the Caldeirão Verde from the Levada (water course). The sign sometimes disappears and often people walk straight past this stunning view over the Caldeirão Verde. The view can only be seen from the left of the Levada and to get there you have to climb some ten or twenty metres along the bed of a stream flowing from the natural lake.

Once you have enjoyed the Caldeirão Verde landscape, go back to Queimadas using the same path.

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