Pork with wine and garlic

Pork with wine and garlic

The pork with wine and garlic is a typical dish of Madeira Island and appreciated by all residents where is very present in the residents food especially in Christmas.

This dish is one of the typical dishes of São Roque do Faial parish and a big attraction in this parish because the way they do it.

1 Kg pork
2 cups of grape vinegar
10 garlic’s
Slices of bread
Laurel leaf

To prepare:

In the day before to do this dish, cut the meal at little square and join salt.

In the next day do a marinade with vinegar, garlic’s, laurel leaf, pepper and he herbs. Next, join the meal and let’s marinate for three days in pan of clay.

Finally, frit the meal with the marinate that goes to accompany the bread previously frit in the fat of the backing, baked sweet potato, fried corn and orange slices. 

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