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Senhor dos Milagres Chapel

Senhor dos Milagres Chapel is situated in the civil parish of Machico, namelly in Banda d'Além. Formerly, there was Christo Chapel, also known as Misericórdia Chapel. This was one of the first temples being raised in Madeira Island.
However, it got destructed by the river.

Ten years later, in 1813, local fishermen rebuilt it and renamed it Senhor dos Milagres Chapel.

Each year, Machico city hosts thousands of locals and tourists in an annual religious procession, being held in Senhor dos Milagres Chapel.

The procession which takes place in the evening, departs and arrives in Senhor dos Milagres Chapel.

The festival runs for 2 days, with great entertainment and live performances by folklore groups.
This is an event which you could not miss.



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