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The end of year in Madeira

The Madeira Island new year it`s an unforgettable end of year. Enjoy the Madeira Rural accommodation and have a unique end of year

The end of year in Madeira it`s more just an new year celebration.

The Madeira Island and your firework are in the Guiness book as the huge pyrotechnic spectacle in the World!

But why Madeira was an new year so known?

This is because of the pyrotechnic spectacle in the Funchal city that offers unique conditions for this type of show.

Alongside the Funchal city, also the Funchal bay, are put posts of fireworks to be released ate twelve o`clock.

This unique pyrotechnic spectacle, rich in light and sounds that takes eight to ten minutes and its intensity it`s able to light all Funchal city for some minutes.

The Funchal Port has, in this time, lots of cruise full of tourists that are waiting to see the best new year.

Lots of families go together to Funchal to celebrate this time with regional delicacies that stand out the Bolo de Mel and the liqueurs.

It does toasts in the New Year and eats twelve sultanas. This is a tradition in the Happy New Year  when we are asking for our wishes. 

The New Year in Madeira Island always has been lived in an intensive way. Also after the daybreak we still find lots of people that are yet celebrating the New Year. The popular full the principal arteries in Funchal with the music, diversion and animation until the moment to go back home.

If you thinking to come to Madeira to the New Year, consult the air travel to Madeira the earlier to get the best price for your trip to Madeira and enjoy it in one of the Madeira Rural accommodation to have an unforgettable new year in Madeira Island.

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