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Flower Festival: Grand Parade

Flower Festival Parade
This amazing festival with a parade and floats exhibits the multiplicity of floral species of Madeira Island.

The Grand Flower Parade takes place in the main streets of Funchal, on 8th May, Saturday afternoon. "The Flower that I chose" is the central theme of the Flower Festival, 2011.

This festival attracts thousands of locals and tourists to the amphitheatre of Funchal. This Grand Parade is the climax of the Flower Festival.

The parade starts on the seafront and goes along the Avenida do Mar, passing the Marina and the Palácio de São Lourenço. It continues towards the Largo do Colégio.

This parade is composed of floats and hundreds of participants, displaying arrangements of several different species of Madeiran flowers, namely the Madeira Orchid (Dactylorhiza foliosa), Anthuriums (Anthurium andraeanum), Proteas (Protea caffra), Orchids (Orchidaceae), Birds of paradise (Strelitzia reginae), Cattleya (Cattleya labiata) and Mandon's Chrysanthemum (Argyranthemum pinnatifidum).

In every year´s edition, dozens of groups presents its costumes and designs, spreading a fairly tale atmosphere all over Funchal city.

Besides, floats are also magnificently decorated with flowers, filling the air with soft perfumes.

Each float is expected to pass by in 20 minutes and thus, the entirely parade takes upwards of two hours to pass by.

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Don’t miss the opportunity of assisting this enchanting and colorful festival. You will love it.

Come to Madeira Island and discover an enchanted island!


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