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Old Bridge of Faial

The Old Bridge of Faial is situated in Fajã Site, in Faial parish.

Built in 1904, was considered until that date as one of the biggest construction of its kind in all island.

Has as principal objective to make a link by land between the neighboring parishes, as in the south part and the north of the island.

After lots of decades of service, this bridge didn`t resisted a huge temporal that divested the Faial Parish in two of March in 1984, which made big all part of the bridge down destroying 4 of his 7 arcs.

Was built a new bridge parallel to the Old Bridge

The new bridge was inaugurated at 5th October in 1985.

Nowadays, we just can watch 3 arcs that survived to the temporal of 1984, allowing to those who passed there a recall.

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