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Fortress or São Lourenço Palace

This magnificent palace is situated in Funchal city centre. It has suffered many changes throughout the years.

This fortress has a turret with battlements on the east side, typical of the Manueline period – the first half of the 15th century. Its sculpted stones are also typical of this era. The three bulwarks facing north were built during king Philip’s reign.

During the 18th century some alterations were made to the southern façade. Its current façade and the elevated structure were built in the 19th century.

This palace has been put to several uses. Formerly it was the residence of donee captains (donatarios); then the residence of governors- general (1581-1640); then of the captains- general (1640-1834); then of the civil governors; and now it is the residence of the Minister of the Republic and Military Commander of Madeira.

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